February 21, 2019
12:47 AM
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Signup Agreement Statement

On joining Penguin Traffic I agree that I will be using an email address that does NOT lead to a non-existent email account or a catch all account that will fill up and bounce emails. I further understand that should emails sent to me bounce, I accept I will likely have my account deleted and lose any credits that I may have earned.

It is okay with me if the Administrators of Penguin Traffic send me daily activity reports and information regarding our exchange it's activities, offerings and promotions.

I WILL NOT put any Sites Pornographic in Nature on the Penguin Traffic Site. If in doubt of the 'acceptability' of a site I will contact the Administrators Prior to setting it up. I also understand that doing so may result in my Membership with Penguin Traffic being terminated without warning which will result in the loss of any and all credits I may have accumulated.

Penguin Traffic asks that you do not waste your money on purchased FREE SIGNUPS. Many don't fully activate their accounts and fewer still surf and participate. We realize that many want large downlines but it is felt that this is not the right way to do it. We do however encourage you to advertise your Penguin Traffic Referral Url, banners and text ads on other traffic exchanges.

I UNDERSTAND THAT Penguin Traffic at present is an ENGLISH ONLY TRAFFIC EXCHANGE. I WILL NOT put any Sites that are not in English on the Penguin Traffic Site unless or until notified otherwise. If in doubt of the 'acceptability' of a site I will contact the Administrators Prior to setting it up. Frequent violations will lead to the same consequences as others that submit inappropriate sites.

I also understand that the speed of all Traffic Sites can be effected by the number of sites in the Database. Should my account show a zero balance and no activity for a period of more than 6 months, the administrators will assume I have abandoned my account and remove it to keep the active member surfing at the best possible speed.

I also understand that the quality of a traffic exchange is based on it's members and their activity. There are many traffic exchanges that have a large list of members but few that are "active". The more often you login and surf the more value you provide to the exchange and it's members. It is better that you login each day and surf 5 pages than to log in once a month and surf 100. If you don't want to login and surf, then buy credits and or advertising. For those that don't want to surf we will try to keep our rates affordable. Prolonged inactivity can lead to any one or all of the following: loss of credits, suspension of account and or termination of account.

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