October 28, 2016
12:31 AM
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** All active members get UNLIMITED FREE banner and hotlink impressions (that do NOT use any of your credits up) so long as they have surfing credits allocated to their urls! (Active Urls in rotation)(Otherwise your banners & hotlinks go to In-Active (N) status

** 100 Credits Awarded Upon Validation for FREE members
(surf just 50 sites to validate)

** 100 Credits Awarded for Every Referral for FREE members
** 150 Credits Awarded for Every Referral for GOLD members
** 250 Credits Awarded for Every Referral for PLATINUM members

** 1:1 Ratio (1 credit per 1 site visited) for FREE members
** 2:1 Ratio (2 credits per 1 site visited) for GOLD members
** 3:1 Ratio (3 credits per 1 site visited) for PLATINUM members

** Bonus surfing rewards pages.

** FREE members can promote up to 5 sites, 5 hotlinks & 5 banners
** GOLD members can promote up to 10 sites, 10 hotlinks & 10 banners
** PLATINUM members can promote up to 25 sites, 25 hotlinks, 25 banners

** FREE members enjoy a 10 second surf timer
** GOLD members enjoy a 8 second surf timer
** PLATINUM members enjoy a 6 second surf timer

** Earn commissions on first level referral upgrades & purchases.
** FREE Members earn 5%
** GOLD Members earn 10%
** PLATINUM Members earn 25%.

** Credit commission on referral surfing
** FREE members earn on two levels 5%, 2%
** GOLD members earn on 5 levels 10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%
** PLATINUM members earn on 10 levels 15%, 10%, 5%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%

Free Random Referrals, Bonus Credits, monthly surfing credits, Faster Surf Timers & even better surf ratio for Upgraded Members! With 3 membership levels in total to choose from, we have something to fit everyone's traffic needs.

"NEW Surfer Incentives - TURNED ON"

Earn 1 cent daily for surfing your first 25 pages
Earn 2 cents daily for surfing the next 25 pages

A daily total of 3 cents for 50 pages or more

"$1.00 Daily Drawing - TURNED OFF"

Owners/Admins of Penguin Traffic are eligible for surfer incentives and drawings, yes we surf too!

Minimum payout is $1.00 paid via PayPal submit support request.


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